About Us


Cheltenham Bowls Club was founded in 1907. W.H.Barnett was the first president and R.McFarlane the first secretary. Local residents called a meeting and a Bowls Club was established in Cheltenham Park near the Railway Station.

In 1927, a block of land in Holmby Road was obtained with the transfer to the new green accomplished in 1930. By 1945, a larger area of about two acres was obtained at the present site on the corner of Wilson Street and Centre Dandenong Road and a 12 rink green was ready in 1947.

Electric Lights were installed over rinks 8 to 12 in 1954. In 1975, the green was divided into two greens, by extending the west end and forming a bank in the middle. This division allowed 16 north/south rinks, and 14 east/west rinks. 

A liquor licence was granted in 1977. The Club was incorporated in 1984 and ladies were admitted to Full membership in 1986.

In 1955 both greens were totally reconstructed and major work was done prior to the 2008-2009 season. The East green was converted from a bent grass green to a Tifdwarf green in 2016 ready for the 2017-18 season. The West green was converted to Tifdwarf 2018 for readiness 2019-2020 season. Solar power was installed at the Club in 2017.


Board Members

Executive Director                              Russell Bingham

Administrative Director                  Janice Kirkby

Finance Director                                 Steven Milne

Board Members

Beverley Brown, Jim Bonwick, Bradley Jaggs, Mark Louis

Bowls Committee Nomination – Sean Hanrahan/Kevin Radburnd

Bowls Committee Members 2023-24

President                                             Sean Hanrahan

Secretary                                             Kevin Radburnd

General Committee

Rose Shaw, Lorraine Kelly, Moira Smale, Michael Birnbaum, Johan Fourie,

Ian Clark, Barry Smith Denise Thompson & Jill Danne